Blanchard Grinding

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Blanchard Grinding

Arkansas Tool and Die has an 84″ Blanchard Grinder with the capability of grinding 90″ cross corner. This process is an excellent choice for applications requiring high-production rates and moderate finish accuracy. Blanchard grinding can also be an effective method for simultaneous grinding of multiple smaller parts.

Blanchard grinding has many advantages such as parallelism and flatness tolerances, part to part thickness consistency and considerable time savings over conventional surface grinding.

The ordering codes below will help simplify when ordering plates from our blanchard grinding company. Machining is not confined to the descriptions given in the code:

  • Clean Plate – Machined top and bottom to clean up
  • Finished Plate – Machined top and bottom to +/- .015″
  • Accuracy Plate – Machined top and bottom to +/- .005″

We also have smaller grinders for smaller jobs.